Is inspired by the auguries of innocence. Those ephemeral  moments that infuse mystic lore, bonding mothers and daughters, and girls and women. Pink Kat celebrates this sensual appeal of innocence as it elicits a fairy garden of gardenia blossom, Bulgarian rose, orange flower absolute and a hint of clove. Pink Kat is a burst of earthy sexiness. 


Is pure magic. Sensual and exotic like a sultry Moroccan night in the summer, this delicious Nectar blends notes of Vanuatu sandalwood, black tea, vanilla absolute, organic frankincense, jasmine grandiflorum, Egyptian neroli, organic black pepper, wild myrrh and a hint of organic cardamom. Genie in a Bottle is a smoky veil of lust.


Woody, classic and light, Chen Xi translates to 'morning light'. It has the Zen sensibilities of simplicity and happiness. Fresh and resplendent like crisp delicate citrus in front of a dawning sun, this Nectar marries notes of cedar atlas, organic ginger, red and yellow mandarin, lily and a hint of organic spearmint to alert the senses to timeless classic. 


Is a Sixties inspired power-girl Nectar, independent and flirtatious. Infused with the frequenties of clarity and balance, Abbey Rose fuses rich notes of fig, Bulgarian rose, Italian neroli, organic French lavender and bergamot. Anoint yourself and seek exotic terrain. 


Is inspired by the grace of a solitary walk in the Indiana woods after a rainstorm. This Nectar is a lofty elixir of regeneration and renewal. Made with organic vetiver, oak moss absolute, violet leaf absolute, tuberose absolute, eco harvested bois de rose and a touch of sweet pea. Hail Merri is virginal and earthy and elicits sublime grace and beauty.


Quixotic and flirtatious, this Nectar combines the mercurial essences of light musk, linden blossom absolute, blackberry, wild blue cypress, organic calendula and a few drops of basil to expand the senses. Crisp, clean and slightly fruity, Whyte Rabitt walks the parallel universe lightly.  

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