Ojai Wild at The Porch Gallery

Once in a scarce while, the all perfect elements come into play at just the right moment and favor falls on one's doorstep. Such is the fate that gave birth to our newest sensorial creation: OJAI WILD 

When Lisa Casoni of the Porch Gallery approached me over a year ago with the proposition of doing a perfume for the gallery we excitedly exchanged ideas and inspirations and promised to collaborate in the future, as those things go... We went our separate ways and time went by.  

February came and she called.  "We are featuring an upcoming exhibit for an LA artist Mike Saijo", she told me. "It's about exploring the history of spiritual movements in the Ojai valley through art and multi media –– would you like to create a perfume?" And so the story goes. I just got back from working with my teacher - intensive tincturing and infusing, was in need of a soulful adventure, enticing offer of back to my art roots with an exhibit, using my new lessons and bringing in the spring by really getting my hands dirty = couldn't be more perfect. 

The We Are Spiritual Machines exhibit featuring Mike Saijo's collages and our little Ojai Wild scent jewels will be up for viewing until June 30th. If you haven’t experienced these colognes yet, get on over to the Porch Gallery and have a sniff. Lisa and Heather have a few bottles left and will help you find the Ojai Wild cologne that enhances your true essence! Here is a bit about the favored:

OJAI WILD Cologne Collection

Ojai Wild was created as an olfactive expression to highlight the seductive beauty and fragrant bounty of the spiritual Ojai Valley.  Using a 17th century method of distillation called tincturing, Perfumer Janna Sheehan harvests and captures the pure, unadulterated essence of wild native botanicals in two original limited edition springtime colognes: Orange Blossom and Artemisia.

The tincturing process elicits the gorgeous fragrant ‘soul’ of the botanical, which is captured in the wild essence cologne. Each cologne essence is then accentuated with a simple accord of complimentary perfume notes to give the depth to the existing notes.

All colognes are made from wild harvested botanical essences and 100% organic cane alcohol.

Pouring the tincture over  freshly harvested Orange Flowers. These are at the peak of their fragrance.

Orange Blossom Wild Cologne

For a fleeting month in early spring, the Ojai valley is filled with the fragrant perfumed essence of orange blossoms.  As the orange flowers honey-like aroma fill the air, the carefree shimmer of Spring is christened by the intoxicating, uplifting aroma and seductive buzzing of bees pollinating the orange trees.

It’s at the peak of this fragrant bouquet that the orange flowers are gathered by hand, then tinctured with 100% organic cane alcohol to allure the delicate sunny essence to be released. Orange Blossom wild cologne is  highlighted with pure botanical essences of bois de rose and sandlewood.  

Essence: Orange Blossom

Harvest: March 2014

Batch: 20 bottles

1 oz

Price: $65.00

Sacred White Wage and Artemisia harvested March 2014

Artemisia Wild Cologne

A similar kind of wild harvesting takes place with Artemisia or California sagebrush - though, it grows year round in the Ojai Valley. We were guests of the Krishnamurti Foundation who opened their property to us to gather this exotic smelling plant.


The Artemisia pungent aroma is delightfully minty and a bit citrusy. With it’s  refreshing, revitalizing and distinct botanical aroma Artemisia is mysterious and sexy - suitable for both men and women.  We tinctured this wild botanical in 100% organic cane alcohol and highlighted the cologne with pure botanical essences of vetiver, white sage and spearmint.

Essence: Artemisia

Harvest: March 2014

Batch: 20 bottles

1 oz

Price: $65.00









To celebrate the beauty of summer, we are GIVING a gift of FREE SHIPPING from now until the end of July for any Trance Essence purchase! Just use the code SUMMER LOVE during your purchase process.

Thank you for helping us fly our flag and following us while we grow! 


Do what you LOVE as much as possible, all summer long! 

Do what you LOVE as much as possible, all summer long! 

Puppy Perfume

Like many people, I am obsessed with my dog. I ADORE her and her every glance, swag in her step and twitch while she dreams. Even my son remarked about how well his brother and he must have been cared for by how I fuss over our Violet... In my most recent conquest to refine her level of comfort aka relieve skin itch and mildly annihilate the fleas, I have a couple of simple recipe to share for active, puppy perfume.  When applied to your dogs coat they will smell divine and feel good. It's two part and you can practice these either together or separately depending upon how much time you want to set aside for fussing. 

Rosemary Rinse 

This is really a mini rosemary distillation.

Boil 2 pints of water. Add two cups rosemary leaves or estimate the same amount with several small cuttings. I use the cuttings - stem and all. Boil for 30 minutes. Allow to cool. Strain and refrigerate. Pour over your puppy or dog directly after a bath or at will. 

Lemon and Lavender Spray

This is also a mini citrus distillation and requires a day to let it sit.  

Slice 6 lemons thinly - peels and all and put in a pot of 3 cups of water. Bring to a boil and let it sit overnight. Strain the liquid and add 50 drops or 1 1/3 ml lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Spray on your puppy or dog after bath or at will. Lavender has a calming effect and anti-inflammatory, skin-healing properties. And lemon is a natural bug repellant.

Check out our Pintrest page featuring VIOLET

Pop into our Pop Up!

These last few weeks have been packed with new adventure! The launch of our NEW website www.tranceessence.com, the perfume design and preliminary stages of development for the launch of our new Trance for Johnny Was fragrance and our most current delight, the Trance Essence Pop Up Shop on ArchetypeMe! If you haven't heard of the ArchetypeMe site yet check it out. You'll find emerging artists making rare and beautiful things there!


In celebration of our Pop Up shop, Trance Essence has defined each delicious fragrance with an archetype!

In celebration of our Pop Up shop, Trance Essence has defined each delicious fragrance with an archetype!

A Work In Progress - Johnny Was collaboration

It's official! Johnny Was in collaboration with Trance Essence, will be launching their first signature fragrance this Fall - YAY!

Stage one of choosing a scent direction is complete. After many rounds of fragrance choices, the decision has been made.

It's all about a wild sweet orange from Ojai! 

Three versions in the final round of choices. 

Three versions in the final round of choices. 

Oranges are the sweet perfume of love in Ojai, Each Spring the air is infused with the boquet of their intoxicating blossoms. 

Oranges are the sweet perfume of love in Ojai, Each Spring the air is infused with the boquet of their intoxicating blossoms. 

When Mysteries Collide

Following up on our Mano Farm and All Good Things Organic Seeds  post with a fun and kind of enigmatic picture from the day. This group shot was taken early on in our visit, inside the Cob House –– a straw bale construction. Featuring the fabled farm debutants Carson, Bea and Allie and one of the two Mano farmland stewards Quin, glances are captured, as the Cob House elicits loving eyes.


Somethings happening here...

Somethings happening here...

Catching up and repost of Just a Summer Day

Thank you for visiting us here! Since our previous BLOGessence got lost in cyberspace during the transfer of files from old Trance website to our NEW Trance website we are re-posting via screen shot in the here and now.

Our visit to Certified Organic, Mano Farm - home of All Good Things Organic Seeds in Ojai was lively and special. Everything – every moment, every image, every taste of food and smell of earth felt like a mystery discovered. 

And to give recognition to our other fantastic Organic Farms in Ojai - each with their distinctive esthetic, here is a list with links:

Rancho Del Pueblo (Steve Sprinkle) 

Rizo Gozo (Johnny Fonteyn)

Stoke Grove Farm (Wiley Connell and Chris) just ask around for directions...