Catching up and repost of Just a Summer Day

Thank you for visiting us here! Since our previous BLOGessence got lost in cyberspace during the transfer of files from old Trance website to our NEW Trance website we are re-posting via screen shot in the here and now.

Our visit to Certified Organic, Mano Farm - home of All Good Things Organic Seeds in Ojai was lively and special. Everything – every moment, every image, every taste of food and smell of earth felt like a mystery discovered. 

And to give recognition to our other fantastic Organic Farms in Ojai - each with their distinctive esthetic, here is a list with links:

Rancho Del Pueblo (Steve Sprinkle) 

Rizo Gozo (Johnny Fonteyn)

Stoke Grove Farm (Wiley Connell and Chris) just ask around for directions...